Peugeot 106 S1 - Carbon Fibre Bits! - Bonnet & Inlet Trumpets

The goal is to produce an ultimate light-weight bonnet for racing purposes. The Original Peugeot 106 Rallye bonnet weighs 12.4kg (including catch, cable and hinges). As such nearly 10kgs can be saved by fitting the racing lightweight ebd Carbon Fibre Bonnet. If you are interested in one then email us and we will be happy to give you a quote for your specific requirements.

PPP-106 - Carbon Fibre Bonnet Fitted

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Bonnet on Back-Board For Mould to be Made

CF Bonnet BackBoard   106 CF Bonnet Set1   106 Carbon Fibre Bonnet

To create the mould a backboard is put on the Bonnet
The bonnet had to be prepared as it had seen some motorway milage to say the least. So, all Stone chips and impefections were removed from the original Metal Bonnet.
Initial Mould
Inital Mould 2   Initial Mould

Initial Glass Fibre Mould is taken from the bonnet on the flat.
The mould is smoothed off to ensure a good finish for the gel coat.

Inital Lay of Carbon fibre bonnet
Carbon Fibre 106-PPP Drape!   Weave tastic
First Layer Going Down. This is done paying carefull attention to the weave & weft orientation of the Carbon Fibre!

Fitted to the car...
PPP-106 CFBonnet On2   PPP-106 CF Bonnet On2   Bonnet On the ebd PPP-106 Rallye S1
It is a bit Blurry, But the lightest bonnet you'll see on a 106! - Current design is not recommended for show & shine - But at under 3kg.... Excellent for competition use! - versus 12.7kg for the standard bonnet.
The next version will be Slightly heavier, but will not have the deformation characteristics necessary in such a light bonnet. The problems caused with this bonnet
If you have any questions or comments or are interested in purchasing a Carbon Fibre Bonnet for the Peugeot 106, then just email us
Carbon Fibre Inlet Trumpets to suit Yamaha R6 Throttle Bodies
Inlet Trumpet Mould     Carbon Fibre Inlet Trumpet

The above pictures show the ebdcarbon fibre inlet trumpets as designed for the Yamaha R6 2004 Throttle Bodies. The Picture on the Left shows a cutaway of the three piece moulding system, and the picture on the right is CAD model of the finished design. The beauty of the ebd Mould system is that it is modular, meaning that we can tune the inlet tract length to suit the required rpm range. Here, on the PPP-106 project we are making 40mm & 50mm long inlet trumpets, so we have the option to play with the setup.

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